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What You have to Know About Polypropylene Fiber.

Jul. 26, 2021

The Polypropylene Fiber is more and more used in many aspects of our life. But how much do you know about the applications if its? And do you know about the advantages and disadvantages about the PP fiber?

The Brief Introduction to Polypropylene Fiber

Polypropylene (PP) is the first stereo regular polymer to have achieved industrial significance. The fiber from Polypropylene were introduced to the fabric arena in the 1970s and have become an important member of the rapidly growing family of synthetic fiber. Today Polypropylene enjoys fourth place behind the i.e. polyester, nylon and acrylic.


PP Fiber

The Advantages of Polypropylene Fiber

Cost effective, fast and user-friendly alternative to mesh as a reinforcement method.

Decreases the contraction cracks.

It can be applied directly after combining with concrete to conserve time during the construction process as.

Lower labour costs due to requiring less steps during the execution of the building works.

Non corrosive and non magnetic material.

Easy to mix with concrete at both on site and at the manufacturing plant.

To add the tenacity to structures.

Provides security for building works.

It does not absorb water, which means the wet and dry properties of the fiber are identical; in that way, it helps in quick transport of moisture as is required in special applications like babies' ever-dry nappies.

It has excellent chemical resistance.

PP fiber very resistant to most acids and alkali.

The thermal conductivity of PP fiber is lower than that of other fiber and may be used in applications as thermal wear.

The Disadvantages of Polypropylene Fiber

The main disadvantages of PP fiber are listed below:

Low melting temperature which prevents it from being ironed like cotton or nylon.

Difficult to be dyed after manufacturing, except after substantial treatment and modification, High crystallinity and poor thermal conductivity lead to limited texturizability.

Poor durability compared to PET and Nylon.

Poor adhesion to glues and latex.

Bad UV and thermal durability which requires addition of costly UV stabilizers and antioxidants to overcome this problem.

Burnable which melts and burns like wax.

The Common Applications

Projects like concrete road, bridge, airport road and factory floor which strictly require cracking resistance.

The wall of tunnels, mines, roofs and reservoir projects with special construction. River courses and dams, etc.

Military defense works, dock banks and piers, etc.

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